ClickPayments transaction charges

July 9, 2020

What we keep getting asked is how ClickPayments compares to other providers, so we put together this handy price comparison table.

During our first 3 months we are not charging our customers for providing this service (only the Stripe transaction charges) in an effort to help small businesses during Covid. You are free to try the service, see if it works for you, and if you don’t find it useful, then you don’t need to pay anything and can simply stop using our service.

After 3 months we will introduce some small fees to cover our costs – these are shown in the orange column. We’ll contact you before this to confirm if you would like to continue using ClickPayments.

ClickPayments Launch

June 29, 2020

Offshorly Ltd has launched ClickPayments , a secure, easy to use platform, that allows you to take contact-less online payments, without needing a website.

Since the onset of the Covid crisis more and more businesses have needed to start taking payments remotely. Many of these didn’t have an e-commerce website, as they were, for example, smaller stores serving the local community. This led to a rise in order taking and processing over the phone – a sensible precaution during the times. Unfortunately, people often see this as an inherently insecure way to pay, while other payment methods such as cash or portable card payment devices posed a potential health risk.

ClickPayments overcomes this obvious payment dilemma. It allows you, wherever you are in the world, to take online, secure and contact-less payments quickly and easily, without the cost of setting up a full blown website and e-commerce systems.

Using any internet enabled device, you can sign up and immediately issue invoices online to your customers. You can take instant online payments using any debit or credit card as well as established payment gateways, such as Apple Pay. It takes just 10 minutes to set up and is brought to you in partnership with Stripe, a trusted global payment processing platform handling millions of transactions a year.

ClickPayments is free of charge to use, we will simply pass on Stripes’ fees which are levied at 1.4% +20p (UK rates) per transaction. This keeps the service affordable to all and is a small token of our support for small business servicing their local communities during the crisis. The plan now is to start introducing more mobile communications, making it even more accessible, so watch this space.

ClickPayments is a wholly owned subsidiary of Offshorly Ltd.